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Clash of Titans
4 August 2010

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Kitsch-ty Bus
18 March 2010

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Up to the red light
3 December 2009

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Sunny day
23 November 2009

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My back on the top
18 August 2009

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Waiting for the train
10 July 2009

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Don't smoke
19 April 2009

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5 April 2009

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Waiting for your call
13 March 2009

Recent Comments

Pravin Patade on Train travel
Nice.. liked the speed in it!! Speed captured with slow shutter speed :D

katalog firm on Shopping with surgical mask
nice image,great colours and details

Martín M. on Communication problems
Muy bien visto, como siempre. Me recuerda a las "Bored couples" de Martin Parr. ¡Salut!

MARIANA on Weirdo pedestrian
man in sandals and hat is fabulous !

harasmivoluntad on Warming up muscles and soul
Nice light + that moment = Great Photo!

Isidro on Clash of Titans
la pierna del muchacho es como mi cuerpo, impresionante toma Godo, salut!!

Becky on Clash of Titans
This is a fantastic action image! The expressions magnificent and the composition wonderful as well.

LauraS on Clash of Titans
Oh, my, such determination and girth. Wow! Great capture.

k@ on Demigod without nipple
Oh this is both terrible & terrific shot, my dear Godo !

Becky on Demigod without nipple
oh my! no nipple and a lot of other stuff going on. these guys must be exhausting sumo wrestling with these bodies - ...

Isidro on Demigod without nipple
Hola Godo, company!! sigo tus imagenes de un pais que me llama mucho la atencion como ya te comente, una serie ...

Curly on Demigod without nipple
Not sure that I want to know the story behind this shot.

Claus Petersen on Demigod without nipple
Now this is a guy who eats gravy on his potatoes ;-)

Martín M. on Love makes you see amazing things
¡Muy bien visto! Ergo, para sacar tan buenas fotos como esta, hay que estar enamorado.

Fade ToBLACK on Mac Wrestler
Great portrait

Jaume Fernandez on Trying luck at Asakusa Kannon Temple (Sensôji)
Que foto más bonita. Encuadre, color, etc...

Martín Molinero on Mac Wrestler
Muy bien observado. Una imagen muy sugestiva. Ante esta nueva y aviesa forma de "ataque a la cultura" ...

Curly on Warming up muscles and soul
The physical attributes of Sumo wrestlers has always puzzled me - they don't look fit and healthy at all. This is ...

Becky on Warming up muscles and soul
So interesting to get a eye into something that we might not normally be privy to. Cool shot.

Shahryar on Flying Icarus
great shot :)

Shahryar on Warming up muscles and soul
very interesting shot :)

k@ on Flying Icarus
That's a super serie, Godo ! Enjoy it ! Hope you're doing fine*

k@ on Warming up muscles and soul
Such a rare scene, very cool to see it, thanks for sharing.

Olivier on Warming up muscles and soul
cool shot!

barbod on Warming muscles and soul
ohh my god

MARIANA on Flying Icarus
wonderful . amazing timing and pp work .

Enrique on Flying Icarus
que imagen más bonita y menuda pelea de gordos (por cierto, que pintas lleva el árbitro)

oncho on Flying Icarus
Great moment

tsenwei on Flying Icarus
great capture. i have never witnessed a sumo match but i can imagine it would be a little difficult to capture action ...

Martín Molinero on Flying Icarus
Waw! Otro "món flotant"! Felicitaciones

emillamola on Flying Icarus

Industrial Photography Eugene Singapore on Family meal
My Partner Eugene from PixSync directed me to your web site. I used to work for Shimano as an R&D engineer before ...

Industrial Photography Eugene Singapore on Traditional Ladies
I work as an Industrial Photographer here in Singapore. Just loved the image composition and photographic expressions. ...

Reno on Traditional Ladies
Jajajaja, si me encantó tu comentario...y bueno, el de Martín también: es cierto, es una excelente ...

Martín Molinero on Traditional Ladies
Aglaya, Eufrósine y Talía, las Tres Gracias en versión nipona, y en vez del Parnaso, no aparece al ...

Eros on Transparent umbrella and black coat
it is indeed pecular clothing :) and with all the umbrellas in the background it's become a very cool documantary ...

Martín Molinero on Transparent umbrella and black coat
Pues intentaré hacer lo mismo con mi cámara, que tampoco está sellada (por cierto, ahora mismo ...

Martín Molinero on Transparent umbrella and black coat
Creo que, aparte del personaje y el escenario, la clave está en el contraste entre los blancos (paraguas, marcas ...

Xavi Heredia on Family meal
Una foto estupenda. Enhorabuena por "La foto de la semana", sin duda merecida. Saludos x.

Martín Molinero on Family meal
Maravillosa atmósfera, perfecto detalle en las sombras y muy sutiles contrastes de luz. Felicitaciones por la ...

Pierre C. on Sad Man
Great Shot !

Carlos on Inmigrant towers
Foto muy inteligente y buen encuadre.

Carlos on More than a woman
Esta foto me gusta!

MARIANA on Smiling mirror
Love this mood . Super capture. Great light and tones .

Eros on Sad Man
poor guy!

Olga on Business love
Ja, ja ,ja, no deja de ser irónica la imagen.

Reno on Business love
Pensé lo mismo...como una justificación de la economía financiera ¿no? Y esas risas casi ...

Judy on Business love
Very good image. It makes me think of the one in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA.

Macrobaby on Business love
I like this photo. We need more love in the world. This message stands out loud and clear in your ...

Isidro on Almodovar's movie in japanese
fantasticas imagenes de japón, la penelope por alli tambien vaya con los japos del gusta el buen cine, esta esta ...

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